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Purchase Definition of Purchase by Merriam-Webster.
an act or instance of purchasing: as. a: the acquiring of real property by any means other than descent or inheritance. b: the acquiring of an interest in property especially in exchange for valuable consideration see also word of purchase.
dict.cc Wörterbuch: purchasing: Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzung.
Minderung f der Kaufkraft stability of purchasing power. Geldwertstabilität f store of purchasing power. Wertaufbewahrungsmittel n The profit lies in purchasing. Im Einkauf liegt der Gewinn. proverb compilation of purchasing price data. Führung f der Kaufpreissammlung effects on the purchasing power.
purchase Wiktionary.
Norman: please verify empliette f Jersey. purchase third-person singular simple present purchases, present participle purchasing, simple past and past participle purchased. To buy, obtain by payment of a price in money or its equivalent. to purchase land, to purchase a house.
Purchasing Wikipedia.
These departments can be purchasing, receiving and accounts payable; or engineering, purchasing and accounts payable; or a plant manager, purchasing and accounts payable. Combinations can vary significantly, but a purchasing department and accounts payable are usually two of the three departments involved.
Purchasing process Wikipedia.
Government agencies or institutions are very important, critical, they purchase in bulk for public utilities. Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Kenneth Lyons and Michael Gillingham ISBN 0-273-65764-X. Purchasing Handbook: Standard Reference Book on Purchasing Policies, Practices, Procedures By George W.

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